Performance Testing and Fit Services

As a certified triathlon coach, it is my responsibility to provide all of the tools which are necessary for you to attain your race and fitness goals.  Better yet, because I’m not burdened by a facility or pressured by returns on investment or profitability, I can perform the same testing at a fraction of the cost.

While laboratory results don’t always translate into training habits and routine blood draws aren’t practical, BSXinsight gives you immediate data that yields powerful results. Leading-edge technology and athlete-based innovation means that your daily training just turned into gold-standard lactate threshold training.

So how does that work? BSXinsight uses LED lights to “look” into the calf muscle. As the light array passes through your muscle tissue, it’s reshaped by chromatophores (or marker characteristics) of your tissue that are unique to you. This creates a biosignal that’s captured and processed by BSX algorithms to generate your unique profile. Analyzing the signal features in action generates a real-time lactate threshold curve that’s as accurate as previous blood-based methods.

  • Learn your Lactate Threshold and Pacing
  • Accurately determine your training zones by heart rate and recommended pacing by zone.

Lactate threshold refers to the maximum sustained effort your body can maintain for an extended period of time usually around 45-60 minutes. It’s essentially your body’s redline, and it’s more than 95% accurate at predicting race finish order.

Training (or racing) over the redline can only last for so long, due to the anaerobic contribution to your muscles, which increases based upon intensity and duration of your workout. Eventually your body is forced to slow down or bonk altogether. But always training under the redline results in never learning to rev the engine high enough, sacrificing speed and limiting endurance.

  • Improve your power output and efficiency on your bike.
  • Focus on specific areas of improvement regarding flexibility and strength.

Designing a generic plan for an athlete is easy.  Many coaches utilize zone based workout guidelines to give an athlete a rough idea of how to train for a goal event.  As heart rate is one variable in the performance equation, it provides a monochromatic picture of what is happening during training.  When HR is paired with pacing and power output, the numbers magically come alive!  Color starts entering the picture and your efforts become even more tailored to you.  Rather than anecdotal estimates, you can see direct correlations between your exercise and progress.

 Swim analysis is a personalized swim assessment which is a part of any new triathlete’s training program.  It is much easier to observe improper swim form that it is to feel it.  Along with the analysis comes an individualized plan geared toward aiding you in improving your open water swim fitness.
The run will make or break you.  Literally.  Improper technique, training, and lack of stretching or stabilizing muscle strength will cause injuries which will stop you in your tracks.  Not only is efficient running necessary for a fast race, it’s essential to remaining injury free.  Run analysis is also performed with video including structured workouts and flexibility analysis.

  • Prevent running injuries by using proper technique, increasing your flexibility, and strengthening your core and stabilizing muscles.
  • Run efficiently learning the methods and tools which will allow you to improve over time to reach your goals.
Proper nutrition is the 4th discipline in the sport of triathlon.  Race nutrition is a science, yet many options are available for you to utilize based upon your needs and weight goals.  Once proper nutrition principles are learned and adhered to, you will recover quicker, exercise smarter, race better, and build the lean, mean body that you’ve always wanted

Why Choose TriFit Coaching

      • You get all of the services and testing you need with less money than your monthly phone or cable bill.
      • Coaching is performed by someone who trains and competes regularly.
      • Advice is individualized and programs are set up to meet your needs and goals
      • Join a network of athletes
      • Learn how to become self sufficient.  My goal is not to keep you on the hook forever, unless you want to, of course.  I will teach you the techniques and provide you the tools you need to become a better athlete. Period.

What Client’s Say

Training with Matt is an awesome experience. He pushes me harder than any trainer I’ve worked with.  Looking forward to making my next Ironman race the best yet, with the preparation Matt’s provided me.
Ben Mayo, VP National Strategy
Matt is the coach that will be the first to tell you, “have fun with it.”   His approach to training and fitness is enjoying an endless journey of discovery of fitness.  Matt’s wisdom and experience has contributed so much to my first ironman experience from purchasing a my first tri bike to crossing the finish line.  Thank you Coach Matt!
Linda Truong, Pharmacist
I was impressed with Matt from day one. I had never utilized a Tri Coach before and was not sure what to expect. He took the time to perform a proper initial assessment and then put together a training plan that worked great for me. He understood I had a super hectic schedule and adjusted my plan to my specific needs.  I was able reach one of my personal goals of being the number one overall finisher in a triathlon while being coached by Matt.
Chris Bridges, Police Officer


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