Ryan Peterson – USAT Certified Coach

 I am a retired US Air Force Master Sergeant and I now teach Air Force Junior ROTC at the High School level in Sacramento, CA.  I know, you are thinking I look to young to be retired. Trust me, I have heard that a time or too. Honestly, I have triathlon partially to thank for looking this young.  I was introduced to triathlon in 2004 when my dad asked me if I wanted to race the Nautica Malibu triathlon with him. I completed that race with the delightful ignorance of a true tri-newbie.  I swam in a

$39 Costco shorty wetsuit in my first ever open water swim, rode a brand new (read: completely ill fitting) road bike I bought only weeks before the race while wearing mountain bike shoes and had a miserable run performance, mostly due to the fact I had never run after cycling before.

Fast forward 12+ years and I am now fully living the triathlon lifestyle. I have raced every distance from super-sprint to Ironman as a “self-coached” athlete but I didn’t truly breakthrough as a triathlete until came onboard with Tri-Fit Coaching. Matt’s methodology and approach to training has revolutionized my training and performance as an endurance athlete. Since training with Tri-Fit Coaching, I have PR’d every single distance I have raced from 5K to 50 Miler and super-sprint to Ironman.

Matt’s coaching changed me so much that I decided I was ready to start sharing the techniques with others. Early in 2015 I started mentoring under Matt with the goal of earning my own coaching licenses. In that time I have earned my State of California Physical Education Credential, California Interscholastic Federation High School Coaching certification and my USAT Triathlon Coaching License. If you have the desire to change your life as an endurance athlete, I’d love to help you. Whether it is your first race or your fiftieth.

…crossing your first finish line has a magical effect on self-efficacy. It’s transformative…”

Matt Fitzgerald, Racing Weight.

  • USAT Level 1 Certified Triathlon Coach
  • Experienced athlete and triathlete (Sprint to Ironman)



Some of my highlights

Planned Races
Continuing to train and coach gives me an edge when training athletes at all levels.  In addition to my support of my student athletes, I maintain a rigorous number of local sprint to Iron distance triathlons in 2017.
  • Ironman Vineman 70.3
  • Ironman Arizona

Biggest Achievement
TBD  (107 degree adjusted)  15% dropout rate.  It felt like an oven and the run was brutal!  What else would you expect from an Ironman? 
My Work Process
Work hard play hard 
Favorite Things to Do

Life, Like Training, Is a Journey. If you can talk, Go Harder! It’s all about Progression not Perfection.

For the cost of less than your monthly cable/phone bill, you can learn the skills and techniques needed to get you to the next level!