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Getting Fit and Loving It!

I’ve had several of my professional colleagues who have expressed a desire to improve their level of fitness.  We all do it for different reasons.  Some of us want to feel  better and have more energy, some would like to look in the mirror and get a “hey, I [...]

Strength Training in Triathlon – A Hidden Treasure

Having coached, competed, and trained for many years now, I have learned so much.  Yet I have so much to learn.  Triathlon, unlike many other sports, is as complex as my wife.  Just kidding.  I am just scratching the surface of understanding her after 13 years of marriage, but [...]

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    Functional Threshold Power – What is it and How Does it Help Me?

Functional Threshold Power – What is it and How Does it Help Me?

Functional Threshold Power (FTP)- What a mouthful!  Well, at least it’s a pretty cool sounding mouthful.  You may hear cyclists speak about this often.  If you’ve training by using FTP, you’re a believer.  If not, you’re missing out on one of the most influential and unknown aspects of training [...]

Running With Confidence

I’ve had many runners lately inquire regarding their running fitness and how they can improve.  While the holidays and off season will likely set us back a bit in our fitness, we can improve running form easily and start the training season right.

I’ve yet to have a runner with [...]

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Recovery Tips and Techniques

For those of us doing an early season Ironman or other race this year, we’re now starting, or well into the build phases of our training.  If you’re like me, and have responsibilities during the day, that means 2 or 3 workouts on quality days.  That’s a lot of training [...]

Swimming Basics – How To Swim – Strong and Steady

One of the primary reasons I started the sport of triathlon was my fear of swimming distances.  I remember the first time I hopped into the pool with the intention of swimming distance.  50 yds later I was huffing and puffing.  As I didn’t have a coach at the [...]

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    How to Eat Healthy and Enjoy It! A Few Healthy Eating Tips to Enhance Your Training.

How to Eat Healthy and Enjoy It! A Few Healthy Eating Tips to Enhance Your Training.

When I started doing triathlons, my mantra was that I exercise so that I can eat.  It worked well for me at the time.  I lost 40 pounds because of my change in lifestyle, but I knew I could do more.  I also find myself reading the various triathlete [...]

Tough Mudder Anyone !?!

So… have you heard the hype about mud runs?  I have and have avoided them as long as possible.  However, my wife is an avid fan of the mud.  Or should I say, she seems to get it all over me whenever we’re close to it >.<

We completed the [...]

How to Afford the Cost of an Ironman

I’ve just started coaching two athletes who are new to triathlon.  It has reminded me what it was like when I started this sport.  I remember quite clearly what I thought, and more importantly, what my wife thought when I decided that I wanted to purchase a triathlon bike.  [...]

Running Injury Free – Stretching, Tips, and Techniques

So, we’re going into the off season and many of you, like me are going to focus on a discipline.   If you’re like the majority of triathletes, your eye is on a half or full marathon for that off season run training or race.  I’ve just signed up for [...]

How to Cope with Missed Workouts

So I traveled to corporate for work last week leaving a gaping hole in my training schedule and ambitions.  I went with bright-eyed plans to work out daily, eat well, post a few blog additions, and complete some more coach specific education, but to no avail.  I had no [...]

Running in the Heat

I couldn’t sleep this morning for many reasons.  It’s been a long week, even with the holiday.  I decided to start my endurance run for the week which is customarily 13.1 miles.  This time of year, I typically average between 7:30 and 8:00 miles.  What’s interesting is that, in [...]

VO2 Max and Article by Matt Fitzgerald on Active.com

I performed my VO2 Max the other day and it stood at a solid 66.8%. As far as fitness is concerned, 66.8% is superior, however, how do I compare against the best? I learned that the pro athlete classification normally have a VO2 max of around 70%+. Even Lance, [...]