Free Speed with Bike Fit

The best way to gain free speed is to work on your bike setup, specifically the fit.  If your bike fits like a glove, you will be faster and more efficient.

Run Analysis

Efficient runners have high cadence and good form.  Shoe choice is also essential. Proper form and shoes reduce injuries, which prevents you from losing fitness.

Swim Form

Swim is the most technical of the 3 disciplines.  It is also difficult to assess our own form.  I take  underwater video and design workouts accordingly.

Fit and Form give Free Speed.  Take your performance to the next level!

Faster with the same effort.  Why not?  You will learn much about yourself and your needs in the process.

Bike Fit and Form Analysis

Why Should I Get a Bike Fit?

A proper bike fit is critical to maximize efficiency and speed, maximize comfort, and prevent injury.

Knee pain often materializes after too many miles on a bike with poor seat position. Neck soreness results from handlebars or aero bars that are too low. Lower back ailments are usually caused by a seat that is too far away from the handlebars. The problems don’t stop there. “Bike fit works to both treat and prevent injuries,” says Todd Carver, co-founder of Retul, which offers a state-of-the-art bike fit system to fitters worldwide. “If your bike is fit properly, you likely won’t develop an injury in the first place.”

“Perhaps most important, a good bike fit can significantly improve lower leg alignment and knee tracking through the pedal stroke to minimize the chance of injuries to the knees and hips,” says Harrison. Just as it is important to practice running and swimming form and technique, you must practice this on the bike. If you aren’t initially positioned correctly, your mechanics will be limited.

Performance Enhancement

In addition to limiting your chance of encountering a sidelining injury, proper bike fit also improves performance. “Bike fit can have a big effect on aerodynamics and speed,” explains Carver. Harrison agrees, saying, “poor fit severely decreases performance, especially by limiting lung capacity or exceeding an athlete’s range of hamstring and hip flexibility.”

If you are forced to bend in the middle of the spine, the lung’s lower lobes aren’t able to effectively take in air and, in turn, produce power. This type of bend usually occurs if the position is too long or too low. A position that exceeds a triathlete’s range of motion at the hamstrings and hips also can impede performance. When the bike doesn’t fit comfortably and correctly, it oftentimes becomes difficult to maximize time spent in the aero position. Since this position is directly related to faster speeds and gives a break to the core and upper-body, the fit should accommodate it.

Run Form Analysis

When we maintain good body position-head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over the mid-foot upon landing and arms swinging directly ahead-we run with good form and use less energy to run faster.  Injury is also avoided in the process.  As running is the discipline which is most likely to cause extended injuries, it is essential that run form be taken into consideration.  I am also a fan of minimalizing the impact which endurance running has on the body over time.  Finding a proper fitting running shoe is as important as putting a helmet on during the bike.

Swimming Like a Fish, or as Close as Possible.

There are many components to a good swim.  Form and technique all work together to provide for an effortless and efficient swim stroke.  Body positioning and movement under water can make or break your triathlon.  As you understand your stroke and learn ways to improve it, you will set yourself up for an amazing race!

Form and Fit Highlights

There is so much to learn about the sport of triathlon.  Form and Fit require knowledge, “Know Thyself,” and a concentrated effort over time to improve.
  • Gain free speed by focusing on mechanics form and fit.
  • Prevent Injuries associated with improper form
  • Learn about the types of gear which will aid you as you train


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