As a triathlon community, we are all very much connected. See what my athletes and colleagues have to say about my coaching and advice.

Training with Matt is an awesome experience. He pushes me harder than any trainer I’ve worked with.  Looking forward to making my next Ironman race the best yet, with the preparation Matt’s provided me.
Ben Mayo, VP National Strategy
“Matt is the coach that will be the first to tell you, “have fun with it.”   His approach to training and fitness is enjoying an endless journey of discovery of fitness.  Matt’s wisdom and experience has contributed so much to my first ironman experience from purchasing a my first tri bike to crossing the finish line.  Thank you Coach Matt!”
Linda Truong, Pharmacist
“I was impressed with Matt from day one. I had never utilized a Tri Coach before and was not sure what to expect. He took the time to perform a proper initial assessment and then put together a training plan that worked great for me. He understood I had a super hectic schedule and adjusted my plan to my specific needs.  I was able reach one of my personal goals of being the number one overall finisher in a triathlon while being coached by Matt.”
Chris Bridges, Police Officer
“The difference between training with Matt and trying to do it on my own is like night and day. When Matt puts a plan together for me I am able to achieve more than I thought humanly possible.”
Ben Barfus, Financial Executive
“I’m training for my 3rd Ironman triathlon. The first two I trained on my own. This time I decided to get a coach. What a difference!! Matt has been wonderful.  My schedule is pretty hectic. Matt has tailored a plan that works for my schedule. Not some cookie cutter program. I’m training smarter not longer. Thanks Matt. Glad I found you.”
Greg Crow, Healthcare Professional
“I started training with Matt after having surgeries to both of my feet. Matts coaching took me from not being able to complete a 5k to finishing an Ironman distance race in less than a year. Matt always provides a quick response to any question I have.  He keeps himself up to date with the newest techniques to personalize my training block. I just can’t thank him and his family enough for everything they have helped me accomplish.”
Dan Hames, Male Fitness Model