I’ve had several of my professional colleagues who have expressed a desire to improve their level of fitness.  We all do it for different reasons.  Some of us want to feel  better and have more energy, some would like to look in the mirror and get a “hey, I haven’t looked this good since college” thought, and some just need a new and exciting challenge or goal.  For whatever reason, it is easy for me to say that triathlon and the associated sports will change their lives if they simply commit to a goal and plan.

My triplet brother came to me a little over a year ago and said that he would do an Ironman.  I thought, “Yeah right!”  You see, my brother was the computer type of us triplets.  When we were out being active, he was playing around with networks or talking geek talk.  We shared many friends, so I got it, but if you asked me 10 years ago if he would be an Ironman, I would have responded with a witty hell is frozen comment.

He ponied up the cash, and in spite of some emotional and logistics barriers, he did it.  And he finished his first Ironman in style, at Chattanooga 2016 where, due to the heat, there was approximately a 40% DNS/DNF rate.  I’d like to say it was my amazing coaching, but he did the work.  I simply provided the plan, advice, and a lot of support.  I met with him a few weeks ago for dinner and I was amazed by how confident and composed he was.  It was like my brother had been transformed!  The reality is that he set a goal and achieved it.  His [...]