Tough Mudder Anyone !?!

So… have you heard the hype about mud runs?  I have and have avoided them as long as possible.  However, my wife is an avid fan of the mud.  Or should I say, she seems to get it all over me whenever we’re close to it >.<

We completed the Tough Mudder in Dallas this last weekend. and we started off by seeing this sign:

Long story short.  It was muddy!  ANDFUN!!!   Running with mud caked in every possible crevice was a new one.  We even gained several pounds in mud weight.  But every obstacle was a unique challenge and it was a blast to pit throw the thriathlete body into the fray.

This link is pretty accurate:

The electricity freaked my wife out, but she did it and was amazing throughout the race.  We had big white smiles at the end.  All the whiter because we had been in the mud for so long.

The reason I post this is because triathletes tend to spend so much time training, that they forget to slow down a bit and smell the roses.  We sometimes worry so much about injury that we forget to have fun with our fitness.  I remember spending hours climbing, crawling, jumping, and running when I was a kid.  Life was a joy and the worries of life were far off in the horizon.  At times I wonder where all the fun went?

Now that Kona 2013 has been tackled and the holiday season is approaching, we need to each look at our training and remember to add some fun into it.  The serious part of us will remind us to focus on one discipline and improve it for next year, and that’s fine.  But that leaves [...]

How to Afford the Cost of an Ironman

I’ve just started coaching two athletes who are new to triathlon.  It has reminded me what it was like when I started this sport.  I remember quite clearly what I thought, and more importantly, what my wife thought when I decided that I wanted to purchase a triathlon bike.  I thought, “I’m spending how many thousands of dollars on a bike!?!”  My wife probably included a few other choice thoughts in that phrase as well.

I haven’t ever been a spendthrift, nor do we have the funds to be, but I haven’t balked at value either.  While our budget didn’t accommodate gear, and still doesn’t, my thoughts had to quickly change from what I couldn’t afford to how could I afford it.

There is a reason the average triathlete has an upper middle class income.  I read an article on that summed it up well.  The URL is:

Here is a cost tally of Ironman Triathlon:

Swim Gear
Budget Athlete
Big Spender


Bathing Suit
$65 (X2)
$120 (X2)


Pull Buoys


Swim Caps
$3 each (X4)
$25 each (X4)

Body Glide

$100 per year
$500 per year

Master’s Swim
$60 per month
$100 per month

Budget Athlete Total: $1232
Big Spender Total: $3040

Bike Gear
Budget Athlete
Big Spender



Cycling Shoes


Bike Clothing





$2.50 each (X25)
$10 each (X25)

$40 each (X4)
$200 each (X4)

Chain Lube
$5 bottle
$10 bottle

Water Bottle
$3 each (X6)
$25 each (X6)

Club Rides
$60 membership
$250 membership

Budget Athlete Total: $2660.50
Big Spender Total: $12,185.00

Run Gear
Budget Athlete
Big Spender

Running Shoes
$80 (X4)
$200 (X4)

Run Clothing

Run Club
$20 per month
$100 per month

Budget [...]