One of the primary reasons I started the sport of triathlon was my fear of swimming distances.  I remember the first time I hopped into the pool with the intention of swimming distance.  50 yds later I was huffing and puffing.  As I didn’t have a coach at the time, I learned by trial, study, and error.  My breakthrough happened after a long workout culminated with a racquetball game with my wife.  I was beat.  I hadn’t done my swim, so I hopped into the pool.  1000 yds later I was ecstatic!  For some reason, it finally clicked.  I now believe that I simply just relaxed and stopped overthinking the swim allowing me to not go hypoxic and let things happen.

It’s easy as a beginner swimmer to get caught up in the intricacies of good form when it comes to swimming.  The result is bad form and a very slow and inefficient stroke.  I’ve read most every book out there, watched countless videos, learned from my fellow coaches and athletes.  I learn something new all of the time.  Run form and bike efficiency is fairly straight forward. Biking and running are also much easier to improve as most of us have learned those skills from childhood.

For those of you who would like some general swimming guidelines to think on, here they are.  I will likely go into more depth on each in future posts.   Also, feel free to ask any questions.

Swim Form:  Position in Water – My biggest problem when I was learning to swim was my position in the water.  We’ve all heard about the tug boat vs the sail boat analogy.  I was an oil tanker.  To swim efficiently, it is essential [...]