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Every athlete benefits from personalized data, fitness plans, advice, and an objective coach who's goal is to teach you to become self sufficient.

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You can’t win the race in the swim, but you sure can lose it. Swimming is the most technical of the 3 disciplines.Learn More


I swim and run so I can bike. If you train effectively and efficiently, you will feel the same way. You gain the most speed and time on the bike.Learn More


Running is what wins races! Solid run form and speed will set you apart from the rest. Learn More

Triathlon Gear

There’s always something new to learn about when it comes to triathlon gear. What is the latest and greatest? What has withstood the test of time?Learn More

If you simply need a general running, cycling, or triathlon plan, give us a call and we’ll load one up for you for free!

Wow! A free training plan?  So what’s the hitch?  No Hitch really, we just want to make sure our effort is not used on a whim.  We truly want you to succeed in your goals and fitness gains.  Call it a pay it forward strategy.  We believe strongly in Karma.  Here’s what you need to qualify:

  • Confirmation that you’ve paid/signed up for the race that your training plan will go toward.
  • Pledge that you will pay it forward and encourage your friends, colleagues, loved ones, etc to also improve.  The reality is that, when they see you succeed, they will want to as well.  That is how I got started on my life changing adventure.
  • Be committed to yourself and send us a finisher’s pic


Do/Commit to these things and the plan is yours!  We want you to succeed!

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What Athletes Say

Training with Matt is an awesome experience. He pushes me harder than any trainer I’ve worked with.  Looking forward to making my next Ironman race the best yet, with the preparation Matt’s provided me.
Ben Mayo, VP of National Strategy
Matt is the coach that will be the first to tell you, “have fun with it.”   His approach to training and fitness is enjoying an endless journey of discovery of fitness.  Matt’s wisdom and experience has contributed so much to my first ironman experience from purchasing a my first tri bike to crossing the finish line.  Thank you Coach Matt!
Linda Truong, Pharmacist
I was impressed with Matt from day one. I had never utilized a Tri Coach before and was not sure what to expect. He took the time to perform a proper initial assessment and then put together a training plan that worked great for me. He understood I had a super hectic schedule and adjusted my plan to my specific needs. I was able reach one of my personal goals of being the number one overall finisher in a triathlon while being coached by Matt.
Chris Bridges, Police Officer